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You are Freddy Anderson, a local high school student going camping with some friends since its summer break. You dreadfully go to the outdoors for some fun but when you are the last one to arrive, you feel something isn't right with this place. Where did everyone go?

Sirenhead originally created by: https://twitter.com/slimyswampghost
Trevor Henderson

Help fund the full game here! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WDBSK4W3WTD...
So I can hire people to help turn this into a full game and get some difficult bugs fixed!

Updated 7 days ago
Published 15 days ago
Tags3D, first, FPS, Horror, isolation-interactive, single, sirenhead, Survival Horror, undreamedpanic


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Version 6

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just got done playing this an the atmosphere is great , siren head is great i did have some deaths from some invisible siren head but all in all good game and here it is the first vid for my new channel 


Seriously needs more work, keep getting killed by Sirenheads that aren't there and even on potato settings it doesn't run very well.

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This game is really great and absolutely terrifying! Great job with it! But I did experience dying or getting injured when nothing was there and not being prompted to move to the next objective.Because of this, I wasn't able to make it to the end of the game (that, paired with the fact that I probably suck haha). But still amazing game. I'm excited to try again once it's updated. The video for this game starts at 4:47 if you're interested: 

You so funny man! i like HAHA


I might have found a dead-alive glitch? Completely terrifying!

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This is the best siren head game I have played so far. I'm really looking forward to the whole game when it comes out :D 


I'm not sure if my game glitched out or if you just can't win. This was a very good game I see a lot of potential in it, great game I hope to see more of it in the future! 

I tell you what, that Siren boy wanted me dead a lot. Good ambiance and an interesting direction. ^-^


This is the scariest siren head game I've ever played! Great job on making an awesome game! 


Couldn't help myself and have some fun with some of the bugs in former versions :D

8:47 Sirenhead by Isolation Interactive in

and when the games will be optimized

when is the new update

After like 13 attempts to complete the game (I'm just bad at games) I'm getting killed by phantom Siren Heads lol. Lovely game but I can't complete it without dying out of no where. 

Game was ok. It was just hard for the game to activate the next objective when I am literally on the current objective. That and I had some pretty cheap deaths. Otherwise, game looks great and plays decently.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

So I did it. After seeing His name pop up everywhere. After hearing the pleas of his victims. After pushing the thoughts aside day after day... I finally played siren head. Growing up I had a Terrible fear of storms. More Specifically, a sheer panic that completely controlled my body the second I heard the sound of an emergency broadcast system or siren. So naturally I did everything I could to ignore his call. To decline invite after invite into his ominous playground. But as all things do, my Will was broken. I caved. And I nearly died of a heart attack because of it. I hope you all enjoy my video. 

THIS GAME AUDIO WAS SCARY enough to almost Sh*t my pants

BEST SIREN HEAD GAME!! That's just facts, also if you want to be entertained check my video on it

Is anyone having problems with themselves keep getting killed from the start of the game?? When i first started it worked fine! But then when i had to restart from the beginning, before getting the gun i was just randomly getting killed, is this normal?

This is definitely one of the best Siren Head games out there but unfortunately I ran it tons of random deaths. I think I almost got to the end on my last try before it bugged out and Siren Head killed me.

Second game in the video. Thanks for the game!

This game is horrifying!


I loved the graphics and the sound effects (especially the ice-cream van), but I didn't enjoy that they could reach through walls to get me! 😂


Did I stumble across a Siren Head nest?? haha I found a few of those lamp heads just hanging out in the brush! As most said, especially Mark, this game holds a lot of potential. It's a wonderful spin using the spooky Siren Head creature. The only things I found to be flaws were: the ending seems a little lackluster and abrupt, and why does every tiny twig have to completely hold me back? Regardless tho, still an awesome experience!

Great work!

This is truly amazing!

Was this officially supported by the creator of Sirenhead?


This is a really cool game and it's under editing mean while. .

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This is definitely the best Siren Head game to date.That was a huge twist to have multiple Siren Heads. Don't let anyone take your throne!

Unfortunately in this game play I wasn't able to finish because the game bugged out but it was still fun to play.

How can we find out about new updates?

Syphorce Plays Siren Head


Siren head Confira o jogo!  Siren head Check out the game!


Didn't get that far but had lots of fun.Definitely going to play again (and hopefully not die).


Very Well! Let's see how far I go till Siren Head comes for my bum bum! 

I really love this game and will play it many times to look for certain things.  It's an amazing  horror game thus far for an indie series. 

I do not favor the lack of a checkpoint, but that's alright since there is so much to see! Ya never know when the big boi will show himself! 

There is one glitch where he appears out of nowhere when I got near the path to the tower, that scared me! <3 

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Well Well Well Sirenhead!
I got a gun and now you will have to RUN!
I seriously Love this game the atmosphere is just amazing! Yeah there are some quirks here and there but still just AWESOME Game!


Hidden Siren Head Game People! 




Hey ima fellow tiny youtuber that played this game! I screamed alot lol! Go check it out! Thank you!


I really would've loved this game, but there's a fatal bug where you'd randomly die to Sirenhead for no reason! Dev, if you're watching I hope my video can help with fixing this game! Really looking forward to more of this one in the future!

Any chance we could get a copy of the project files? Im learning UE4 Dev and would love to break down something like this or even better get a tutorial. Thanks!


I keep dying for literally no reason. Even before I reach the camp at the beginning of the game, my screen will shake or red will flash on and I'll be killed by sirenhead when he can't even see me. Also, I was killed 3 times at the TOP of the tower by sirenhead even though his physical body is literally half of the size and he shouldn't be able to reach me.

It seems like a major bug, considering the amount of time since the last patch. Hope this is fixed, this game looks fantastic.


Please add checkpoint. im so angry restard from the begining. its long journey :(
Peace from indonesia


A fun game to play! Was good for a couple scares lol, mostly my own fear of being chased! Best Sirenhead game out tho!


What if siren head gets into the basement 

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The best Siren Head game but It is a touch buggy atm as my video shows would love a full release though! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to support the channel

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