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You are Freddy Anderson, a local high school student going camping with some friends since its summer break. You dreadfully go to the outdoors for some fun but when you are the last one to arrive, you feel something isn't right with this place. Where did everyone go?

Sirenhead originally created by: https://twitter.com/slimyswampghost
Trevor Henderson

Help fund the full game here! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WDBSK4W3WTD...
So I can hire people to help turn this into a full game and get some difficult bugs fixed!


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Version 9

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I really enjoyed this new patch although i have a few this things to say firstly wtf with the bullets. i cannot burn down the creepy village without any bullets, secondly its a really fresh start to the previous version yes it needs more work but i am impressed with where its heading for sure.

i download this game but something wrong with scren. i press the graphics but is turn to play button..

its downloaded but how do you play it?

I have an AMD gpu and it always crashes as i enter the game is the game supported for NVIDIA cards only?

What are the system requirements?

nice but i can't play coz i have a bad computer

i loved it i wish it had a checkpoint system 


Scariest Siren Head game I've played so far for sure! Good ambience and good game play. Made me shit myself big time.

Siren Head kicked our butt! Still liked it. Great atmosphere


Kinda posting this late but whatever...

SirenHead Game

I just wished this game had checkpoints, or at least an option to skip the first cut scene.

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Cool Game

Very terrefying

Cool enviroment

Good SirenHead Model

And Keep Working On the game

But It still has a few bugs so please fix that

And Please (if you could) Add back The Scope

Just wanted to say I also tried your game, it seemed a little bit buggy in some areas but I think it's got a lot of potential! Hope you can keep working on it!

I actually really liked this game and sorry about the other video i must of put the wrong on in 


Cool game! Audio design is super impresssive! There are definitely some bugs that need to be fixed though. I explain it more at the end of my video but yeah. Hope ya'll get funds to keep working on this! 

Se puede jugar en multijugador.Saludos

So uhm.... I am not sure if I did something wrong but I got this game recommanded to me and I had my eyes on it for a while too. Well... I made a video about it. So if you would like to know what went wrong. You can check it here.

terrefying enviroment as expected, a nice siren head game

game genuinely had me short of breath from fear. never felt that terrified in my life! you sir deserve a crown!

Well I beat it I guess but dang siren has so many glitches some times he's invisible sometimes he just instant kills you sometimes he kills you while you're in the shack but w/e we made it I guess full play through here: 


For Me It doesn't even work when I try to load it this happens


Its an extreme buzz kill


Same but i don't get any error

yeah the same thing happened to me when i had an amd gpu, but after i got an nvidia the game started working


loved this game

I from Brasil, i need a version 32bit, for my sistem..

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its really  great the ai is interesting 

but these couple things need to be fixed.

1. siren head despawing

2.more chance of siren head being seen

3. fps needs to be more stable

4. turn off subtitles feature

extra after the intro i get stuck on this cogwheel loading screen.

[note:this isnt a glith my computer just takes time to load.]

this is really fun but you need to make it so siren head has a more chance of being seen and stop despawning him other than that i enjoy it

ps also the fps needs to be a bit more stable.

Does it have controller support if not can you put it in the next update?

Nice Game :)

siren head:0 

please make savepoint when I get rifle

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To me, the game might be too short to have savepoints. But a good addition would be adding gametypes, like "normal" which would have saving and "hardcore" for no saving.

What are the system requirements?


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Unclear if there's a way to tag current bugs/comments (don't see on page).

- Unable to skip intro. This is a full 90 seconds of waiting when I just want to jump back in. Breaks immersion

- About every other restart I'll start taking damage immediately and will die to Sirenhead before the game has even started

- If I get the rifle before the Look Afar ability (run to ranger tower before trigger point) I can't fire the rifle

- No mouse sensitivity or audio sensitivity controls makes it difficult to play without quite a few external adjustments

download is zhe no34

Had some issues but overall a pretty awesome siren head game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO9Q9L-Xsc0


Still waiting for the insta death bug fix 

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