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You are Freddy Anderson, a local high school student going camping with some friends since its summer break. You dreadfully go to the outdoors for some fun but when you are the last one to arrive, you feel something isn't right with this place. Where did everyone go?

Sirenhead originally created by: https://twitter.com/slimyswampghost
Trevor Henderson

Help fund the full game here! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WDBSK4W3WTD...
So I can hire people to help turn this into a full game and get some difficult bugs fixed!

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(100 total ratings)
Tags3D, first, FPS, Horror, isolation-interactive, single, sirenhead, Survival Horror, undreamedpanic


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This was a great game, though a few bugs.  Sirenhead just stood outside the power station. The end didn't indicate a true end, but looking forward to the Southpoint.

Every death lead to me restarting the game, not sure how that was supposed to work. But otherwise fantastic!

I played this game cause I thought it was different from SouthPoint. This game has a lot of problems. When the game was loading and I had to press a button to start it wasn’t working so I had to close the game and restart it. Also when you die there’s no restart button. You have to close the game and restart all the way from the beginning. Also when I got to an ending the game just had me running in place. There was no cutscene or anything. If these things got fixed the game would be great but considering that SouthPoint is basically the same thing I don’t think this game will be getting an update at all. 

bro the music at the lost abandoned village was fire

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 good game

My Favourite Version Is The 1.4.1 And Why Siren Head Have 3 Sirens In Version 2.0.0 ? Thats Why My Favourite Is V1.4.1)

Bro this is fire but every time i die i have to restart the game again thankfully it doesnt take so long to load. also when u complete the game it doesnt do anything you just sit there

Hey guys can someone help me out in the part click any key to contuine I click every key and it won't work! Please someone help me out here.

Idk man i tried to play yeasterday and the same thing happened to me, i even tried to reinstall the game but the same thing kept happening

Okay thanks man! I hope you have a great day and let me know if you found the soloustion.

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I think I found a solution because now it works for me. What I did was just put the game not on full screen, when then I skipped the dialogue it told me to press any keybind and it worked  what could happen  is that your game could crash, If it happens close it and reopen it , after that  theres no need to not  put full screen you just wait the game to load and play.

That's what i did i hope it will work for you aswell good luck

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btw if it keeps bugging and crashing keep trying i tried 5 times and eventually it worked

Thanks Man but it is still not working! Do you mind telling me what key you pressed? Also one more thing how did you get it out of fullscreen did you press the Pages icon on the window or did you go to settings and press fullscreen. Thanks man for telling me all these instructions and have a great day and please reply back and tell me! Have a great day and maybe see your reply again.

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I pressed f11 thats what i used to get it working , if that dosent work well i tried my best to help you maybe just reinstall the game idk.

theres alot of bugs tbh so yea gl man have a great day

I guess that if there was something to gripe (complain) abou the game would be the graphic quality doesn't let you get a more inmersive experience, aside from that, i think that there is nothing bad about the game itself

Aku ingin game ini bisa dimainin di android

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Sama gw juga ingin banget ini game tersedia di Android sama yg siren head southpoint karna grafiknya bagus banget🙂

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Can you make an Mobile Version of this Siren Head game?🙏🙂

this game is not fair.


I wish I had access to the early versions of this game when trying to download any version it just gives the current version, my son really wants to play them. Does anyone know where I could get them?

go to the Development loge and select the version.I thing thats what it is.

i ment log

You can get the older v1.3.1 version on UndreamedPanic's Gamejolt page.  I have a copy of v1.4.1 but you constantly die, so I think that's the only version left to download if you don't want the Nithorn update.

I want you to update this game again. i want the game to have a savepoint or checkpoint. this game is hard for some people and impossible to finish.Please update checkpoint same as Siren head southpoint.

he is working on a remade verson of this game called sirenhead southpoint


Deleted 1 year ago

it is there game, Dohhh lol

Yeah, someone just told me haha, my bad :D

why must i pay dont have money

you dont have too. just click the link which brings you straight to downloads underneath. (also, you might want to get the new revamp version of this game)

but what link u mean? there are multiple links

the one straight under the box you put the money amount

WAIT NO its over not under

You doesnt need to pay money

you just need to click "no thanks just take me to the downloads"

Thanks for created game i love you graphics qualypi is low please check now


nice siren head game !! my reaction is crazy

had a blast 😂😂

... I didn't get past the starting menu 

It`s terrible.

The game is really buggy, and neither of the ends worked. It did make me laugh with the just lay down ending making me basically unnoticeable until I got up. Also the Sireheads stand there rather than dying.

Still the game has to be one of the best depictions of Sirenhead, and is really creepy hearing them around you but not actually seeing them. It really gets to a point when you can no longer work out what noises are coming from the siren heads and which ones are coming from.

I'm super excited about the new Siren Head game that I saw on twitter, and also I wish I could donate but the problem is that I don't think I will be allowed to, unless I had my own credit card.

love the game thank you 



I found it good, but came across a couple of bugs. One of them kinda stopped me from finishing the game.

Eu Baixei o jogo e abriu e quando apareceu carregado, apareceu escrito aperte qualquer tecla para começar, eu apertei todas as teclas e não começou o jogo, esse problema aconteceu com a versão 9 do jogo


Happy Halloween


this is best siren head game ever made


siren head kill you

Hey I just played the game! There are a ton of positives so I'll start with that first. This is by far the best siren head game I've played personally. The game is legitimately creepy and unnerving. The sounds and atmosphere are totally on point. Now the bad. There were some bugs I ran into. The absolute worst was I'm certain I reached the end of the game but my character was stuck running in place. I also don't understand what makes siren head do his rage mode thing. It seems totally random and it seems like once he's doing that then you just lose. A bit frustrating. Lastly this isn't a big deal but some of the sounds were absurdly loud. Overall I had a great time playing though and I'd still say this is a positive experience. I'd appreciate if you check out my playthrough as well. Thank you for making it!

the red one is lamp head just if you see a light in the tree just run away and he wont catch you its just useless to shoot.

Assisti uma gameplay. Os gráficos são completamente maravilhosos, mas o jogo é só correr de uma sirene ambulantemente com isso o jogo fica chato (entendiante).


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i loved it, it glitched at the and but it was good 

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@undreamedpanic yes i have experience all these bugs but i serially have no idea what there doing right now i hope they fix it very soon and OMG its been almost a whole year since Nithorn update


mac version mayb

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