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You are Freddy Anderson, a local high school student going camping with some friends since its summer break. You dreadfully go to the outdoors for some fun but when you are the last one to arrive, you feel something isn't right with this place. Where did everyone go?

Sirenhead originally created by: https://twitter.com/slimyswampghost
Trevor Henderson

Help fund the full game here! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WDBSK4W3WTD...
So I can hire people to help turn this into a full game and get some difficult bugs fixed!


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Version 9

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Amazing game, goosebumps through all of it 

nice game! 

pode me falar os requisitos minimos?


"Press any key to continue" after loading.

Also stuck after changing Controls - there is no way get back to main menu.

Something wrong with keyboard in the game.

Delete the game. and install it back

haha, computer go B O O M

siren head scary 0_0

this game is amazing, but for some reason, it is acting weird now..whenever i shoot him after leaving the rangers station for the 1st time, no matter what i do, a green siren head comes and kills me.

Pls make Sirenhead 2:The Dead Night

тормозит и на низких настройках даже на средних пк, 940 mx i5 6200u 8g тормозит ужасно оптимизируйте повысьте частоту кадров прошу


тттттормозит и на низких настройках даже на средних пк, 940 mx i5 6200u 8g тормозитужасно оптимизируйте повысьте частоту кадров прошу

I poop'd a little bit 

This games atmosphere is terrifying, and what a scary experience. There were a few bugs here and there, but the overall experience is amazing. I Didn't find Sirenhead that scary, until I played this game...

I tried to play this game and it went well but the audio wouldn't play in the menu neither in game is there a reasson why?

Depends on what you use for audio. If its wireless, that might be the reason, if not then try checking if it is connected properly.

Loved the game! 

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well awesome this video link is about siren head dead https://youtu.be/5GfOcGLsUf8



This game is HARD. Had a blast playing through this! Great atmosphere. Here is a video of some gameplay from one of the older builds, need to try the Sep 15 build and make another video. :)


Hey there, I downloaded the 64bit version but I seem to hit a couple of glitches. After the backstory, the loading screen appears and says "Press Any Key to Continue", but the only way for me to continue is to exit the application, launch again, then skip the backstory screen. Same thing with the "Game Over" screen when you die. Any way around this? Thanks!


Hi, I have a problem with that game. It says in the picture. 


Really cool game! The visuals and especially the audio are really great. The game is pretty buggy though. The first time I tried playing, the game froze at the "press any key to continue" point. The second time it just crashed. I lowered the graphics settings and was finally able to play, but then it froze at the ending! 

yo I always stuck right at the end please fix that

@undreamedpanic this gane is epic however can we also have the old version back i hearad its good and is trying to use a website that goes back in time.



can't pass the loading screen when i prees enter

same here

Hello! I am having a very difficult time downloading the game. I tried activating the "Enable Alternative Downloads" options, but that didn't seem to help. I am running Google Chrome as a browser. Any ideas on how to get the game? Thanks!


how much space do i need to atrract this game?! i'm so mad!

have one saying. this should be on steam


Siretrirn sure did not want to let go of that village...


I gave this and another siren head a go in my new video!

it stuck in "Press any key to continue"

Same issue here


This Siren Head game is so well done.

Wow, I wish I had played this game at a better time then the time I did play it... geez... I was playing during the Nithorn Update (2.0.0), and it was horrendously buggy, I even recorded some videos of when I was playing at that time. xD ugh... I started the game up (after reinstalling it) just before I typed this comment and found out that you fixed everything! I"m like, Wooooooww WHHHHYYY MEEE...!? lol I wish I was playing this game after you fixed everything, I'll share my videos so you can see what I mean. it's funny now looking back at it. I guess I'll do a Part 3, for this Better updated version (2.1.0) and ACTUALLY GET TO PLAY! lol

I personally like the original version better for this reason: every time I die, the game freezes. Idk what to do.

hey ive seen a  bug in every version of this game it has been bugging me for quite some time now [lol xd!!!!] siren head is rare to encounter can you fix this as i like to see what siren does when he does not see the player or when he is chaseing the player

pls reply the bug is so upseting [it does not make me cry if you think that is what i mean]

also i just noticed that after the game has loaded siren head goes into a siting position is this suppoed to happen [or is my mind just playing tricks on me]


l can´t start the game it won´t aknowlage any imputs , so basically is unplayable , please fix it

I really enjoyed this new patch although i have a few this things to say firstly wtf with the bullets. i cannot burn down the creepy village without any bullets, secondly its a really fresh start to the previous version yes it needs more work but i am impressed with where its heading for sure.

How do u even manage to get the game to start? the menu will not accept any inputs it´s unplayable , literaly speaking

have you got a decent graphics card??

GTX 980 ti - Core i7 3.9 GHz -Win 10 and 16 GB Ram l can run games the likes of Half Life Alyx in high settings with no issues at all

hey dude i have no clue i have gtx 2060 with an i9 and i can run any game i want but for some reason this game is not working well with peoples computers which is so dam odd.


This game is not working period , all people l know had issues , for me the game starts normally but after the level loaded 100% it won´t register any inputs what so ever 


i download this game but something wrong with scren. i press the graphics but is turn to play button..

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