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i want to download it but last time i downloaded a .zip game i couldn't figure out how to run the game so can somebody please tell me how to run these types of games

Take the zip folder and extract somewhere (Your desktop or a file folder) unpack it then right click then extract files. Somewhere there should be an application to launch the game. If windows defender try's to block it just click ignore and run anyway. Hope that helps 

is the game free? i dont know what name your price means lol. and if not can you make it free? i really wanna play this..

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All you have to do bud Is press the download button on this page then press the option No thanks just take me to the downloads. And then download it from the page it takes you to. The donation is only optional not a necessity.

will the game run in 32 bit?

I LOVED this game. I went in blind and was blown away with how much love went into this project. The atmosphere is killer and the dread never leaves. I hope UndreamedPanic had as much fun making it as I did dying 8 times! 

Hey who made the music ingame?

My friend, me and him make the music for our projects

is there a way to put it on youtube or any other media because its so awesome! I love the way it sounds.


Its available to download on Gaemjolt for free!

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I found it :)


@UndreamedPanic Can you please make a MacOS version? My 9 year old sister wants to play this really bad, lol. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


who the hell would let a nine year old play this?


I honestly don’t know. A crazy person, probably.


I doubt the parent would let them but a sibling would. Hell some older siblings are so mental that they'd buy their younger sibling booze to take to a party. In all seriousness its probably one of those situations where no matter what the kid is gonna find a way to play it anyways, like with horror or R-Rated movies. 

fair enough, I mean my brother bought me H.P Lovecraft books when I was 9

lmao I'm her older sibling haha I just didnt wanna be explicit 

A awesome game i wish i can give you 1 million but i cant :O

Looks awesome will play it soon I hope. Meanwhile

I love this game right here, Sorry if I sound tired in the beginning, i just woke up and recorded

Really creepy game. Haven't seen a fleshed out Sirenhead game before this, and now  i wish i hadn't xD. Nice job.


finally a better SirenHead to play. i enjoyed this one a lot and i hope you guys enjoy watching this video

I don't understand why but the game has been crashing for me, It just gives me this lil custscene when I open the game app and then crashes. The menu won't even show up and I can only hear the menu music while having a black screen. Am I the only one having this problem? ://

i also get that problem it says d3d is lost for the error message, but i have no idea how to fix that

Cant get this game to download. Tried the alternative DL method and still no luck.


Yo can i get some minimum specs for this so I can know if lap top can run it:)




It's cool




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Gave her a go and I have to say, this is the best Siren Head Game so far (Thank You for not doing a 8 pages thing), love the atmosphere and the uneasy feeling of not knowing when he's gonna show up, the Game scared the living crap out of me. I did however encounter a few bugs, like not being able to shoot the gun and the chat prompts where a little bit to quick for my slow brain.


add a multiplayer on next update :b. it would be intresting


Awesome game. I enjoyed it a lot. However, I did find a few glitches. Look at 8:53 in my video:

there was a random floating white square and siren head was standing AFK near it with his legs half in the ground.

Step Two...


This was amazing, really captured what I think of when I think of Siren Head and probably one of the first games to do that! Amazing stuff,actually gave me the creeps and sweat throughout the entire video lol 


This siren head game was really good!  I had alot of fun playing this! 


why the hell is it 4 gb?


🎀 SCARIEST Siren Head Game! | Sirenhead Gameplay


Please put an auto save point at the watchtower at least as a start.

this is super fun! but i found some bugs when i played. i pressed Z to lay down and i pressed it again to get back up in the watchtower and i fell thru the floor and then he came and he couldnt attack me so basically... i befriended siren head. and then once i got to the factory the game softlock and i hade to manually close the game


This game looks great! I have some criticisms on how the game works and some ideas for future builds or games. I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my play-through and drop a like on it while you're there!

Hey there! I just updated the game, check out the devlog!

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Pretty cool, feedback and gameplay within, what I'd say is I'd imagine the game could be much better if given multiple possible endings and/or unique deaths depending on actions done. I Made a very sexy thumbnail for it.

Amaizing game, defenetly the best sirenhead game as og yet! Awesome artstyle and audio, so god damn scary. Not only is it the best as of yet, but it migth just one of the best Sirenhead games to be made. There were some hard times, as when the gun had no bullets just after picking it up. This was however solved by closing and restarting the game. I was also killed ny a Sirenhead as it ran after being shot. Amazing none the less! :D


This is my first Siren Head experience. I've only played the dating sim siren head. So time to get my feet wet! Was really good!


You are pretty funny!

Thanks! The game is really awesome! 


Insane in many ways!

Loved your commentary!

Your game looks amazing! Can you please add an options menu to change graphics because my PC is very laggy when playing this, thank you!

I will look into it right away

I would kill a man just to get some sort of graphics menu in this game


ah yes, kill meeeeeeeeee I will look into adding such features right away!


so  sirenhead had his way with me then i got a fatal error & the game crashed :/


Best one so far. Took me a few tries, lol!

Nice vid!

absolutely stunning and terrifying!

How long is this game?


between 25-60 minutes, depends on what you do! Might be faster or longer. But it took me 30 minutes or so

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