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This game is insane on it's own, but when you are high and your gfx card can't quite handle this game and it's runs a little choppy, this creates the feel that you are in a nightmare. Like, you're trying to run but your body feels heavy and you're not getting anywhere or moving really slow and the choppiness and slight blur and style of this game adds to it. This would be some real scary shit playing with VR but the creature has a bug where he disappears when close to the tower or he stops moving and you don't die. Wish this could get updated and fixed. It's definitely the best of the sirenhead games and the creature itself is unique. Great choice of sounds.

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Currently the game ran smoothly that's for sure but my only problem was that while I was inside the watch tower sirenhead started bugging slightly, it started disappearing right infront of me not too long after it grabbed me, even though I was far from it the death scene still popped up, dunno how it happened but I'm pretty sure it bugged. [ Just a little feedback incase the dev tries to fix all the bugs in one single update ]

Game Version: 1.4.1

Perfect game about siren head, I made video-gameplay about this great game..

i cannot play it

super laggy

cool and cool and cool


Hay creator the Siren Head killing you randomly bug is still in the game pls fix its kinda annoying or if you cant fix it then add a skip button to the intro cut scene or add check points! also there is a bug where Siren Head after catching you and droping you the game over doesn't show and you keep falling infinite until you restart the game also during the the survival guides there where 2 Siren Heads for some reason and i now that the 2nd Siren Head was not Lamp Head so yea thats all i got to say Love The Game thanks for reading also add some more Siren Head audios that would be cool. 

l asked the same like a month ago it appears the developer abandoned the project ,at least that's what l think l hope l'm wrong though

developer. the download is interrupted at 345 MB. what to do?

I Really like this game and its way better than the latest siren head game

it says forbiden when i try to download.


love it


this is the best sirenhead game hever


Hey great game! Unfortunately lots of bugs, but that's understandable for a single man job. appreciate the hard work, I see a lot of potential in this game.


No matter the settings, 1 fps.

I tried to give the update a second go and for some reason i keep on getting grabbed and picked up from nowhere. i can be in a unreachable spot like the rangers tower or the tunnel where you turn on the power and he still is able to hit and grab me and kill me.

Hey dev fix it and next time less lag

Played it, loved it, BUT!!!! Game was hella bugged... Out of the blue,  Siren Head knew where i was all the time, had super speed and was unkillable... Fortunately he did nothing to me and all he did was follow me. But that was on my 3rd or 4th run when that happened... Nonetheless, best Siren Head so far! Was also playing an old version of the game, not the latest (i think). Second game of this video!

The same happened to me and it's very annoying , l hope they fix it but by the looks of it the developers seem quite inactive when it comes to replying user comments

I did not try the newest version and that probably fixed it.

They don't? Well, mostly because they are busy with some other stuff.... Probably? Just guessin'..

This is a very fun game and I love the overall aesthetic! I do have some critiques though, one of which are my bullets having a 50/50 chance of doing any damage to Siren Head even though I hit him square in the chest.  My other critiques pretty much echo the other commenters regarding the general bugginess.  One last thing is perhaps include checkpoints?  I have yet to get past the watch tower without getting killed and having to retrace my previous steps over and over is taking some of the fun out of it. That and I don't like that Siren Head can reach through the watch tower like he's intangible to grab you from inside. He's difficult and scary enough without that additional superpower lol.  

Anyway, I think this is a good game with a lot of potential.  If the aforementioned critiques are addressed (at least some of them) then that would  elevate this from good to great. :)


Very cool atmosphere! Sorry my recording was lagging so I din't play much. Still made a lil video: 


this game is so fucking awfully, you cant even beat it without being instakilled before the game even starts, would be nice if the developers would fix the game before releasing it.


my GTX 1060 6gb can't run this at 60 fps, yes that is correct the retard who made this can't even make THIS pixelated mess run at 60 fps, waste of my time


i like the concept of this game its fun but very laggy. also if someone knows can you tell me the name of that old time song that SirenHead plays every now and then? My father and I listened to those types of parlor music alot and I'd like to find it again for him.

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Great concept but too buggy

Please fix V 1.4.1 the insta kill glitch is constant and very game breaking

please do it for the chrome web store, or play store, for chromebooks.

obs:  that works on the keyboard


Found this to be pretty challenging. There are no checkpoints so if you die you have to start all the way over from the beginning.  Also, some Siren Head spawns seemed a bit random, so that definitely added to the scare factor. Great looking game with great sound design. All in all very fun and creepy game that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Played this for a 3 Random Horror Games video. It looks great, sounds great, and is a really cool concept but the game as it is is riddled with bugs. I got killed by two Siren Heads at one point.


SIREN HEAD Was a difficult horror to play let alone to try and complete, I found some annoying bugs which prevented me from completing the game. Siren head killing me at the start was so annoying. It became frustrating so, I had to record the game multiple times and I even got freaked out when multiple siren heads appeared near the radio tower like wtf… this game was a frustrating but an enjoyable survival horror game nether the less.

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Was buggy a couple times but still great work! I didn't get the ending like it was meant to due to a bug but I enjoyed it! Well done, 8/10!

Best Siren head game yet!

Siren Head was a bit broken during my play through. Made the experience funny and frustrating. WeeWooWeeWoo YouTube:MrMBenting


Do you have permission from the creator of Siren Head? The creator doesn't really like unauthorized use of his creations

Seeing CK fail at this game is a lot of fun. I am not sure that I would be couragous enough to play it myself though ^^


Loved the game so much! Just posted a video (in Portuguese) about it:


hi, what version works with 32bits?


A really interesting take on the monster. I really enjoyed it, and my subscribers seem to enjoy it too.


Hey I played this game on my channel!i screamed ALOT! Go check it out! Thank you!


here´s my playthroght ( edited )


so... tell me how do you made this strange feeling?
its just like something will grab you and eat you allive every moment. AND WHY THE F*CK SIREN HEAD KILLS YOU JUST BEFORE YOU GET TO THE POLICE


l´m getting insta killed all the time ,l dunno how to go back to V 1.3.0. which was the most functional

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You got a Discord account? I can show you how to play a older version. I figured it out myself, and I figured I should share it

l don't have a Discord account ,l was hoping the developers would patch the game to fix the annoying insta kill bug l truly love this game but at the current stage it's borderline unplayable

Yeah, the most recent version is completely unplayable, but most of the older versions are playable. I don't get that, but it must have been something with the Unreal Engine.

l play a lot of early access games and glitches like the ones here are to be expected ,it's up to the devs to patch it up , the game itself has a lot of potential it has uniqueness to it

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