Sirenhead v1.3.0


-Added reload animation that requires you to press R to manually reload new bullet
-Added Scope (WIP: Might have bugs)
-Fixed some AI pathfinding
-Added more sounds
-Added more to the graphics settings, Resolution and Fullscreen Mode added

Files 1 GB
Version 2 May 16, 2020

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Also got an annoying sound bug where one of the random sounds would loop forever 

(video might take a few minutes to upload)

hey there! I saw your vid and fixed those bugs! Update to v1.3.1 for the hotfix. I got rid of the scope since no matter what I did, it would not cooporate

hello undreamedpanic i cannot play old versions off your game please let me download old versions

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quite easy to get stuck in scope mode (maybe spam 2 key and right mouse button to reproduce)

awesome that we can control graphics (lol 15 fps). would be great to be able to disable AA (potato sounds like still enabled)