Sirenhead v1.4.0


  • Lowered the Inensity of the Scan Lines for a more clear picture
  • Updated Sirenhead AI
  • Sirenhead Can now Attack you to kill you as well as Picking You up and DROPING you
  • Implemented health System so you dont die instantly anymore
  • Fixed some Objective Trigger bugs (Some reported werent being triggered)
  • Added UI menu sounds for the main menu
  • Added more to Freddy's Voice

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Thanks for that, I was going to the bridge and it wouldn't allow me.

I don't know if this is just me, but any time I load the Sirenhead game, it always starts SteamVR and if I close SteamVR, it closes the game. Is there any way to prevent Sirenhead from opening that up? Even on potato settings, it lags out my computer like crazy. I love the game btw! :D

about the lag you just need a better computer and about steam vr id

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You can jump on the two barrels in the cellar and walk through the wall, which bugs Siren Head out.

If you get too far inside the wall, you cannot escape from it and you will have to restart.

Also, cool thing, you can get on top of the camper van.

I have experience a bug where siren head kills you right when you spawn

I have experienced a bug where sirenhead can hit you from anywhere on the map and kill you, even if he's not anywhere near you.


I experienced the same thing...

Other than that, You can clip through the floors at the tower.

and when you do that it bugs him out and he cant attack you