Sirenhead v1.3.1


-Got rid of the Scope ability

-General Optimization for the game and reduced unused screen render space allowing for more smoother gameplay

Files 1 GB
Version 4 May 19, 2020

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New glitch i found, i have only gotten up to getting to the tower where you get the gun, but if you lay down, hold s, and press z again, on any part of the tower, you will drop through the ground, not sure if there are elevated parts of the game other than this, but just something i found :D


It seems like a great game but sadly I can not complete the bridge objective. I get to the bridge and the Ping is up in the sky and once i walk to the edge of the bridge it does not let me do anything else.


pls make more graphic seting


hey can u make the game less lagy

Will Sirenhead be on Mac devices?


looks like I found a new bug.

and a new friend