Sirenhead v1.4.1


  • Unpredictable Deaths were happening, I fixed that

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I want to play on version v1.4.1 please help

there's a problem it says "shipping.exe has returned" it wont start can anybody help?


Very sad to see development on this game come to a close. I thought it had far more potential.

there is error: Low Level Fatal Error with 'Hung' How to fix?

kak Ckaчaть

Tried playing 1.4.1 some more, got random death 3 times, didn't make it to the tower yet.

Hey there, another one chiming in for the unpredictable deaths. Just downloaded 1.4.1 like 25 minutes ago, and still getting random deaths. Thanks!

does this version have more graphic settings


not sure it wont work for me ;-;

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Thank you very much for addressing this issue. I am very happy to see a creator that backs up his work and listens to the fans on getting issue solved. Amazing job on your work!


So just a little feedback, I tried 1.4.1, I did not get randomly killed as often, but it still happened, it was a little frustrating to be in a far point of the game and just die out of nowhere, so I downgraded to v 1.3.0, I got to beat the game first try on that version.


Happened to me as well.

When I first started it, after a few steps I was picked up by sirenhead somehow.

Second attempt lead to this fun scene:

In one of the attempts I was also randomly hurt without anything next to me. Not sure which attempt.

Can u send me version with auto sniper please.

How do l downgrade back to V 1.3.0 ?

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Nice update, hope you make like a hide mechanic for sirenhead, like he hides in the trees and if you spot him, just flash him with the light or shoot him to run away, but if you dont spot him and get to close, he will just grab you and eat you with his siren teeth hehe. (BTW i still get randomly killed)


Yes!!!! Exactly the problem I kept having yesterday and it kept me from progressing D: Thank you so much!!!