Sirenhead v2.0.0 | Nithorn Update

Thanks for everyone who waited the passed Several months! I've been working on other games.


  • Added new and improved animations for the gun and Flashlight
  • Added a scope/Aiming system for the rifle
  • Fixed some AI bugs
  • Added new Sirenhead model for better spooks
  • New additional sounds and audio occlusions
  • Added UI fixes (random UI bugs)
  • Increased game performance (Lowered default settings but can still be improved if needed)
  • Radio Tower is slightly a save zone. The area around it in a 15 meter radious is a "dead-zone" for the AI and they will not enter that area, but may wait for you!

How to Access Nithorn:

  • After crossing through the old factory reminants, instead of turning RIGHT for the default ending, turn LEFT and keep going in the direction DOWN the road until you get promtped "Continue this way?" hit Yes.
  • I have a prediction that people might struggle and die a lot in the new update so once you get to the new area I recommend exploring as much as you can once in the town!

Comment from the Developer:

If you guys experience bugs, I apologize and will try to fix it as soon as I can! Thousands of people have been playing so i've been trying to fix things in BULK. So I may not fix certain things right away as its overwhelming, but I hope you guys are able to enjoy the current builds!

Big thanks to EVERYONE who played the game! This whole thing has made me whole year, seeing some funny people play the game or seeing them run into bugs have gave me some good laughs. I hope to release more games in the future that everyone will love!

PS: I am working on a horror game series inspired by silent hill and a secret horror game that will be released under Isolation Interactive.

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Version 7 Sep 15, 2020

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Yes, another update! (i am aware that  I'm late lol)


and i love it




I wonder the same

Hey Undreamed! Loving the new update sofar, it's really amazing! My gf and I are absolutely loving it, even though it scares the hecc out of us! I've noticed a bug though and just wanted to let you know; every time we get to the end of the game where you see the police lights, our character freezes like planned, but then nothing happens anymore and we have to alt+f4 out, which is a shame because we're finally able to beat it :D! A fix would be amazing! Anyways, thanks for being amazing and for the absolutely mindblowing game! All the best!

I really like the game but, i really hate reloading. However if you can enable downloads to old version of the game it would really make my day, or if you tell me how to disable realoding. Thank you.