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Freddy Anderson, a 17 year old student is invited to go camping with his friends out in Southpoint Meadows. But he decides to arrive a day later, a choice that was for the better. Once Freddy finally arrives, almost right away he notices things aren't normal, perhaps something is going on.

Play as Freddy Anderson and fight against or run from Sirenhead, the giant creature that will trap its prey into a pocket dimension typically disguised as a forest to confuse and scare them! Will Freddy ever find his friends, and will you be able to leave alive?

Freddy will need more than just his sanity to survive. Sirenhead will use various mechanics to trick Freddy while in turn, Freddy will have a gun at his disposal.

Release date Oct 31, 2022
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Adventure
TagsDark, FPS, Halloween, Horror, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, sirenhead, southpoint, Survival Horror


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Version 27

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Very solid game, some bugs here and there like being able to walk in water or being trapped in a building near the end but I think it's still very good! Great job!

OMG this was the best sirenhead game I have ever played.  You have done a fantastic job and thanks for sharing it. I had been waiting in steam for over a year in the coming soon store section for this so I thought I would do a random search to see if there was a beta or something.. And I found your page. 
Have a beer on me great job everyone

very cool game and during my gameplay i found the markplier easter eggs references so that was fun and neat ! there is still some bugs and still had fun and spooked me alot!

Good sirenhead game

can i play it in a pc from 2003?

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is it vires free?


there is no virus, thats why people are playing it. As for the PC from 2003 that depends on your windows version but I would say most likely no that may not be able to run this game for the ideal play experience



Mind if I ask where I can get the soundtrack? The calming music is amazing and I'd love to find it somewhere.

Some parts of the game are still a bit tricky and buggy (e.g. the flying river or the Sirenhead glitch in the church), anyway it was cool. (German gameplay in video)
Einige Stellen im Spiel sind immer noch etwas kniffelig und fehlerhaft (z.B. der fliegende Fluss oder der Sirenhead-Glitch in der Kirche), war trotzdem cool.

is this a UE4 game?

Yes, it's a UE4 game. :)

I went back and actually was able to progress and finish the game! There’s a few weird glitches with the hearts but I was still able to get to the end! Really enjoyed this game was really scary hoping for a second one maybe??? 

What happened to the steam version

i had no idea. it was not free

Hi. Will you make another siren head game? I want to play more of your game.  I want you to remaster siren head nithorn and change the game graphics.

nice game

where's save game location for this game ?

well put together

Does this game have copyrighted music on YouTube?

Vous êtes un jeune homme de 17 ans et partez rejoindre vos amis(es) dans un terrain de camping mais vous constater que quelque chose de terrible est passé avant vous.

i seem to be encountering come kind of glitch or problem i dunno.

i made it to the bridge, but now no matter what i do i cant progress. as soon as you get off the bridge siren head attacks and it locks all your controls. then i get the "gave up" ending?

how am i suppose to advance, no matter if i stay or leave the bridge its game over.


Thanks for putting so much work into this game it is the funnest game I've ever played

played and recorded this game a while back ago (sorry about just now leaving a comment) but i gotta say....THIS GAME WAS GREAT! i loved the visuals, sounds and just so much about it! tho i did run into a bug? idk how else to say it i got stuck and sirenhead kept running ontop of me XD but all in all, great game :)

hey i have played this game once to check it but the second time i try to launch it an error message pops up and doesn't let me open it anyone have a fix?

I don't know where else to contact you, as I don't have twitter, and you will probably not see this, but just letting you know, there is a game on the google play store using your game's screenshots as theirs


I'm not really sure what you can do legally about this issue, though.

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Very good game, however there is 1 bug i want it to be fixed: Siren Head sometimes doesn't run away after getting shot, and he runs at you back only after like 5 seconds.

I would like to bring back subtitles too. Including for the sort of Grim Reaper. (The skinwalker creature)

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Siren Head Southpoint, please can you release it in the Mobile Version, please make it because your game is very good👍😥🙏

Очень классная игра мне понравилось, вы большой мастер на все руки!

I have a problem. I have deactivated the E key in the settings and cannot undo it. The 'interact' button is now missing. How do I solve this problem?

when will this game be on steam?

Wonderful remaster of the 2020 original! The only complaint I have is I kept getting spawn killed by siren head in nithorn when I had to destroy the village and couldn't win the game because of that

undreamedpanic i would like more about lamphead in this remaster

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yo UndreamedPanic, is this the full version of the game? or just the beta, looking to play this for YT (because i saw this game is yet to release on steam)

Great looking game! the plot was fairly easy to navigate there was a couple times I got confused, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. Overall i’ll give it a 8.3/10! 

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Игра классная, но этот тупой лесной монстр (может охотник) раздражает. Я не могу стрелять в него и он всегда спаунится возле станции рейнджеров, и из-за него я не могу продолжить игру (на каждом сложном). Пожалуйста, исправьте его.

Damn shame the controller support isn't better.  Can't even invert Y axis on camera.  Also can't turn off the tiny aim reticule circle in the middle of the screen.  I hate that.  Kills immersion for me.

hi can you fix a bug where even if i shoot him he gets stunned but doesnt run away?

Hey this game is probably one of the best siren head games out there. The final part is a little bit frustrating, but the atmosphere is tense and the scares and grafics are nice. Wanna take a look at the gameplay:

This game had some mega intense scares, a little bit frustrating at times and a bit rough around the edges but overall it makes me want to explore sirenhead even more! Thanks dev! 

That boy is AGGRESSIVE! Loved everything leading up to the point where it hunts you down because I consistently kept getting hunted down haha definitely wanna come back and play!

Great Work!

I played the first sirenhead game they made and really enjoyed it. I'd say the first one was more fun for me, but this one was also really good! There's a few things that I believe could be improved, but aside from that its great.

My first video with the sirenhead game blew up  and amassed over 23.000 views. Im grateful to this game and the devs for making a game that has had an important meaning for my channel. Without it, it wouldn't have happened. It gained me a lot of new subscribers and viewers,  which has led to my channel  succeeding a lot more lately. I hope I didn't seem rude playing the game, im just a sore loser when it comes to difficult games. 

Thank you, Isolation Interactive. <3


step 1:di

Nice game !
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