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Like the game so far but it's sadly buggy. It will stutter in the oddest times.  The fps will be smooth one minute then terrible the next. Hopefully this gets fixed because I want to make a series on my channel.

the AI is... questionable..

Hey, made a video about your game!


As we somehow get lost in a forest, strange noises start happening. And before long you guessed it, its bloody SIREN HEAD and he is scarier than ever. Will I survive the horrors??? Find out in this video.

Loving the game so far, it runs so smooth and a great storyline, the chase scenes are epic. Very scarey.

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The game isn't hard because of gameplay, it's hard because bugs. I kept running into game breaking bugs and i wound need to restart every time.

  Same. I want to like this game and I still do, I'm still playing it, but the more I play it, the more frustrating it gets, regardless of how many times I restart or continue from my last save. It's like the game gets progressively buggier and more unfair each time I start it. First of all, there's no indication as to how Siren Head sees me, he just seems to chase me when he feels like it, which is a lot (not helping is that the game doesn't give me time to see him until it's too late). He also doesn't run away sometimes which happens more and more I play and restart. He just stands there and starts the chase sequence again and catches me because I can't outrun him, or he would get blocked by a tree and go back to chasing me again right after. Also, despite me using a rifle and not a shotgun or something, my shots don't affect him from further away, so he has to be close enough or else I would die mid-reload animation which I'm forced to sit through as well as have an extra short delay before I can shoot again. Finding extra ammo is incredibly unfair and unreasonable, I didn't even realize there was also extra ammo in that building to turn on the power until multiple playthroughs later, I was only able to get lucky with ammo preservation because I died so many times. Also for whatever reason, after I got an ending for the first time, the objective notifications have never shown up again since, even though I didn't get that ending in one go without dying. This isn't a problem for me because I know what to do and I also use the waypoint marker button, but it annoys me because I don't think this was intentional and I have no way of fixing it, there isn't even any clear indication in the local files. Also, the "quest log" button does absolutely nothing. I thought it would fix the notification problem but nope, it does nothing no matter how many times I press it. By the way, this was all on "easy" mode, I hate to imagine what the other difficulties are like without me tearing my hair out.

so i tried to play this but the game was just not working i am a youtuber so i was recording on obs every time we were in game the recording just stopped my pc is pretty decent so its not down to my pc iv never experienced anything like it

Played your game! Liked it but a little frustrating

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Hello, so... I played this game since I played the first version of this as well.

Now I will not complain for like an endless wall of text since the video should speak for itself. Still I have to ask... mainly the developer here. Is that how he reacts of did I actually break the game? If so... I would wish to know more. Since this felt more like a glitch then how it is meant to be played.

Also yes I figured out AFTER I stopped recording that in the options is a difficulty setting. Now I am not sure if it has something to do with that but his aggression was out of this world.

Amazing game! A bit frustrating at times because of inconsistencies with how Sirenhead reacts to getting shot, but still really enjoyed it. I ended up not finishing though because I got trapped in the river...

This game is amazing! it looks nice and the characters are very unique and I love all the creepy sounds! I did run into a lot of bugs though which ended up keeping me from progressing. I was looking for a mouse sensitivity setting when I found I could change the games difficulty and so I did. By doing this I think I broke the game. Very sad. Really wanted to play to the end. 

Amazing game!!! The jumpscares are freaking great too. Even the deer scared me 🤣!


Check out this awesome SIREN HEAD game with added cryptids that are ruthless!!!

Looks amazing! I'll have to play it! Id love if you guys see my game page ❤


Thought the game was pretty cool, but it was pretty buggy 

I am going to download your game here, and i feel like i need to tell you im sorry. I would love to give you a few dollars for this project, but unfortunatly im only 16 and i cant have a PayPal account.

Really good and fun game, like the story a lot! The only problem I had with it was siren head being really buggy, this made the first encounter with him pretty hard to do because he would never run away after you shot him. Other than that, I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more to come!

It looks SO GOOD, I am just having problems downloading it cause I keep getting download forbidden for some reason when it's finished.



this damn game nearly stopped my poor little heart, so thank you in a masochistic kind of way. ALSO, me thinks I found a new glitch 🤗

also if you shoot him far away he will not run away for some reason

your game is nice! but i dont think it should be 8 gb if you finish all the endings


This was a really good game but i will say i did run into alot of bugs and glitches i left them in my video if you would like to check it out and have to say loved the markiplier plushy lol

Had So Much Fun Playing This Game!

Amazing game! Super scary. Can’t wait for final release. 👍🏾👍🏾 


Gave it a Let's Play, at first I was like "omg someone stole a Siren Head game I liked that I remember playing years ago! It all is too familiar!" Then looking at who made both games, to my pleasant surprise, the game was still being made - few bugs here and there, but some spit and polish and it should be good. 

One gripe I'd have is involving sprinting w/ the rifle, maybe not have the rifle take up so much of the screen? I'm imagining a person sprinting with a gun while hovering their gun not at their chest but infront of their face, its odd, if the landscape is so pretty, while make it so you can barely see it since your face is full of Gun?

oh nice i just get on and see a youtuber i recognize.



Epic gamer moment.

Great game! 

Be aware of a major bug: it's possible to fall in the river, and it's impossible to get out.

Enjoyed the game and the ambiance minus a major falling bug. It kind of ruined the vibe toward the end! But aside from the one bug it was great!

thanks for playing! Should be fixed now

Awesome Thanks for a great game!

when you fall of tower and you sometime do a non stop falling animation while still playing, kinda funny, but the yelling is quickly annoying, dying is an easy fix tho

Yeah that was a weird bug, shouldn't have been there! It's all fixed now

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This is the best sounding horror game I played so far. Also did this have a demo before I feel like I seen this before? 


Yah! This is the full version!


This was amazing! Loved it and definitely the best Sirenhead game I have seen. Great job!

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Yo! You should update! VERY FUN VIDEO BY THE WAY Good job!!!

hey thank you and i will!!! :)

I will be playing this live 10/31 around 630-7 PM EST =)


I'll be sure to be there! Btw, the game just updated so if you haven't downloaded the newest version yet I rec doing so!

Ok i will be downloading the new one and playing tonight, ran into technical difficulties

Very cool! Only problem is once I go into the church and watch the cutscene, it makes me stare at me moving my rifle around like I'm in first person looking at me in third person.

dang thought I fixed that! Sorry you had that bug I will fix it as soon as I can!

Still a cool game

thank you!

This is now fixed!

Hey, I'm still experiencing that bug:/ everytime i spawn in the church, its like fixed 3rd person pov of my arms and rifle walking around the church but I can't interact with anything

I'm actually in love with this game though it's been so fun!

One of the Best Siren Head Game 5/5 but please fix the bugs and glitches in the next update. I beat the game with the help of bugs at some point. :D


thank you! And I shall, I spent a lot of time cleaning up bugs but it was hard testing for bugs I wasn’t aware of so I will fix them as soon as I can!

Bugs have been fixed or corrected!

Thank you so much for your efforts. :)) 


Undreamedpanic I encountered a bug with the gun, can you fix this.

Also one thing I forgot to say, why is the gun not in the tower like it normally is and what button do you use equip it and the flashlight

I moved it to the campsite for story continuity! You press F for the flashlight since it’s attached to your rifle

that’s a goofy bug, thought I fixed it! It’s due to the distance rendering, I can fix it later today

This is now fixed!

Not normally a horror guy, but I decided to check this game out since I have several friends who were involved in its creation. What a well crafted experience. There was so much thought put into each and every detail of this universe and I love it. Great work Panic! You've outdone yourself this time and built upon a fascinating world in expert fashion. 

thank you so much! It means a lot to me see stuff like this since I worked very hard on it for a long time!

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