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The is a story about a female tomboy mage named Fayeth "Majo" Neriphyra, her goal in life is to become the greatest Mage in all of Eddesia! Everything was fine until Eddesia was attacked by the Red Oath, a guild of evil members who use Forbidden Magic to control and destroy until they get what they want. Majo needs to find a way to stop the evil calamity and save Eddesia from despair.

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(PS: Controller Support is not Finished)


--------------------- Keyboard ---------------------

D - Move Right
A - Move Left
S - Valkyrie Strike
Q - Shield
E - Interact
G - Dash
P - Pause
Space - Jump
Right Mouse Button - Fire Projectile
F - Fire Projectile
Middle Mouse Button - Dash
C - Melee
Y - Delete Saved Game
Left Shift - Run
Z/C - Cycle through spells
Middle Mouse Wheel - Cycle Through Spells

--------------------- Controller ---------------------

Left Joystick - Movement
Right Joystick Down - Valkyrie Strike
Left Face Button (X) - Melee & Interact
Right Face Button (B) - Fire Projectile
Top Face Button (Y) - Jump
Bottom Face Button - Interact  Select In Menu
Right Trigger - Fire Projectile
Left Trigger - Shield
Left Bumper - Run
Start Button - Pause


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The Adventures Of Majo 1 GB
Version 11


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Shortly after exiting the escape menu, the game consistently crashes for me.