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What have you done John?! 

Ohhh my dear boy John hahaha WHAT DID YOU DO??? This game absolutely needs to be finished! The nuances of odd things happening throughout the gameplay had me at the edge of my seat. Sure, there are some adjustments that need to be made to totally solidify the experience. But by the end, I was invested in the story and the characters. I would love to see more!

Great Work!

Game is very good, although I want to give little bit tips:
1. the npc's that you talk to are too hostile in my opinion, maybe make
a few hostile npc's but the rest have different personalities, too many hostile makes it weird
2. name and who you're talking to can become confusing, perhaps make in dialogues "(You)" and "(npc's job)" so you know who is who
other than that really good and i hope u continue making this game, things to pick up and secret stuff etc, would totally make this game super

gotcha! Thanks for the feedback and tips!

This is amazing, I really hope you complete this. I don't have the words man, this is great.  Notify me, if you can, when the full game comes out :)

Of course! Thank you for enjoying it!

this was so good !!!! you really got me excited for the full game :D i hope you enjoy my vid and dont mind me getting mad when it ended cuz you did this to me YOU MONSTER !!! :D

haha thanks for playing it!

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good ..hope look full story

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This was a cool horror game about a detective investigating a disappearance case that seems to link to the detective's history as well. The game was really interesting and I liked that the main antagonist is taking on the form of something innocent. I also liked the design and style of the game as it really felt like I was back in the year of 1975. I think I encountered a glitch while playing the game where I couldn't interact with the television all of a sudden after interacting with it once and the screen zoomed in to the television. This caused me to walk more than I should around the entire building, wondering what I missed out but alls good. I am interested to learn more about the story and definitely did not expect a big chase to happen all of a sudden as well XD. 

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

love the game thank you so much :):):)

When the monster is chasing you, if you go all the way to the end of the second floor, you will fall down. Fun game!



It happens haha, no worries. Really cool demo!